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Delete this article in it’s entirety and “Add New” post with your home page article. Your new article will stay on the home page and all new articles posted will be placed below this article. This enables you to keyword focus on your home page for top rankings. All other posts should be related to this one or be a subset of it’s main keyword.

This is a template mini-blog that can have as little as 5 posts. Add posts via the dashboard as normal  replacing this home page post.

Header title, subtitle and sidebar text colours can be changed in the style.css file (Appearance/Editor). Comments explaining what to change is included in the style.css file. It is recommended you match the Adsense text and Sidebar text.  Change the Header graphic/colour by replacing the existing header-blue.jpg in the themes/topblog/images folder. Full instructions are included in the instructional PDF.

Add your own Adsense links and ads by creating links/ads in your Google Adsense account and copy/paste them into the “Text Widget” in the right hand sidebar (dashboard/appearance/widgets) or copy and paste into the  xxxx.php files  already made for them (dashboard/appearance/editor).

Create and copy paste your statcounter.com analytics code in the .php file (dashboard/appearance/editor).

When indexed in Google, register your blog and backlink details at http://www.backlinknetworks.com

See topblog.pdf and 20MinuteBlogs.com videos for full installation and configuration instructions



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